Blow Room Equipments

SERIES CFA009 Reciprocating BALF plucker

Process This Machine as the first of blowroom Line is Suitable for plucking cotton of Various Grades and mamnmade Fibre dropping below 76mm.The plucking beater Intermittently Makes Reciprocating Motion with the Revolving Tower and Carriage and proper sequence.The Plucked Plucked bales in tufts are sucked into the next machine by air current through a transport duct for further treatment.

Main Features

The UNIQUE Design for plucking bedter Makes even the Plucked tufts More Uniform and Smaller. With an in tellectualizd Reciprocating bale plucker, the RAW cottn Different sorts of 1 ~ 4 CAN be Fine Plucked separately. It is controled by the sanicy tension.It supplies credibity ntility ribbon of covering.It is driven by the gentleness shaft.