Leaf Collector Machine

Introduce of the leaf collector machine:

The car has the functions of leaf collection, crushing and filtering. Equipped with an extendable straw, it can collect fallen leaves from green belts, lawns, and sanitary dead corners.

The vehicle is equipped with a central suction cup to collect fallen leaves from the road. The unique garbage bin storage device can directly bag the leaves, avoid the secondary collection caused by dumping garbage, and greatly improve the efficiency of leaf transfer processing. The vehicle can be driven to collect fallen leaves, or can be collected using an extension straw.

Dates of the leaf collector machine:

Model: G1000 Name:Leaf Collector Machine
Configure: Right suction configuration Driving motor: 60v1000w
Bin capacity: 0.7m3 Sprinkler: Dust removal spray
Lifting mode: Electric lifting Start method: electric start
Oil tank: 6.5L Suction pipe diameter: 200mm
External suction pipe:Φ200mm. 5m Suction/Sweeping width: 1m
Cleaning efficiency: 10000m2/h Battery: 60V/32A
Driving speed: 25-40km/h Unloading mode: Manual unloading
Water tank: 80L Dust filter: Spray dust removal
Engine: 190FD Gasoline Size: 3.4*1.12*1.66m

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