Blow Room Equipments

FA102B FA102C single axial opener

FA102B FA102C single axial opener suitable for various grades of raw cotton processing, is a highly effective pre-cleaning cotton equipment. Into the raw material of the machine, after exclusion of dust, in the free state after several uniform, dense, soft shells hit, fully opening, will be opening at the fiber separation process impurities, contaminants through the bars line up, In addition to opening the cotton fibers with a transmission pipeline impurities is fed to the next process.

Main Features

without gripping opening, do not damage the fibers. V-shaped angle nail flexible, fully opening soft, high cleaning efficiency. Novel dust stick adjustment mechanism, to meet different process requirements. Gap alternative or continuous suction noil devices. Structure specially designed to enhance the exclusion of dust and fluff. FA102C man-machine interface control, can be easily man-machine dialogue, set the desired parameters. Dust stick to adjust the servo control, automatic adjustment of process parameters. Thugs variable frequency motor to achieve stepless adjustment. Full implementation of intelligent machines, which can spin both sides varieties (with fiber).