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FA046 vibration to cotton

This machine is used with cotton fiber is conveyed further opening, mixing, and processing uniformity, roll feed mechanism into a lap.

119Ⅱ type spark diverter

The machine is generally configured to transport cotton piping Qing Hua device to protect equipment from fire, effectively detect and exclude textile fibers containing Mars.

A076E A076F type hand lapper singles

This machine is used the principle of cotton of various grades of fiber 76mm or less, after opening, after impurity processed into a variety of lap count for card use.

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Oceanic Textile Enterprises was established in year 2000. Its primary business is indenting, import, and distribution of spinning machinery and spare parts. The company’s head office is in the commercial heart of Lahore. During the last fifteen years most of the textile companies have moved their head offices and mills to Punjab, therefore, Oceanic has made Punjab its target market. There are full time staff members with special emphasis on marketing. Each of the marketing staff has about ten-year experience in the textile industry.

Oceanic Textile Enterprises deals in Textile Machinery and spare parts

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