AMP-2000V5 Metal & Spark Diverter

AMP-2000V5 Metal&spark diverter is a kind of classical product of Jiangsu Ampeon, which has been widely used by the textile enterprises. It is generally used for cotton textile factory in spinning procedure, and can be directly installed in the pneumatic transportation system. It can automatically detect and divert the metal particles, sparks and embers which mixed in the cotton flow. It is a very important equipment which can ensure the safety of textile enterprises in the blowing-carding product lines and other fiber production lines.

◆High sensitivity of metal and spark detection

High sensitivity for the tiny moving spark and magnetic metal particles which mixed in the fiber.

◆Steady and reliable performance

Professional design for high immunity of environment to adapt the complex electromagnetic surroundings in the textile factories. High effective and fast diverter can work on both positive and negative pressure procedure, and very short installation distance will be needed. It has the characteristics of steady and reliably performance, easy installation and convenient maintenance.

◆Classic product of continuous improving

AMP-2000V5 is continuously improving to make it has been a type of classic product which widely used by the domestic textile enterprises since 2000.

AMP-2000V5 standard installation

(for positive and negative pressure procedure)


Metal sensitivity Can detect steel ball which larger than Φ3mml
Spark sensitivity Can detect spark which larger than Φ1mm
Response time Less than 200ms
Power AC220V±10%
Pneumatic pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Alarm sound level >90db
Environment requirement Temperature:﹣10℃-40℃;

Relative humidity:(20-75)%RH