AMP-119F type spark detector

AMP-119F type spark detector is mainly used for blowing-carding system(including dust filtration system) in spinning mills. It is installed on the duct of pneumatic transport systems for materials like fibers or tuft. It effectively detects sparks which mixed in the production process so that ensure the safety of blowing-carding production line in spinning mills or other fiber processing production lines.


AMP-119F detector will alarm immediately with sound and light ,meanwhile, output the signal of cutting off the power.

AMP-119F has the characteristics of simple structure, easy installation and convenient maintenance.


Spark Sensitivity Bigger thanΦ0.5mm spark, visual angle is no less than 90º
Response Time ≤0.3s
Power supply AC220V±10%
Power <5VA
Sound level of alarm >60db
Temperature ﹣10℃-40℃
Relative humidity (20-75)%RH