AMP-119D multi-route spark diverter is an anti-fire equipment of easy installation, flexibility configuration, reliable use and adapting to complex environment. This product has been widely used in the spinning mills in the production line of the blowing-carding , rolling of opening and cleaning procedure and dust filtration system.

AMP-119D multi-route spark diverter can detect tiny sparks and embers in the textile fibers, other materials conveying flow or dust. Once the diverter detects sparks, it will alarm immediately, stop the fan and switch on the diverter at the same time to ensure the safety of production.


Sensitivity Can detect spark which larger thanΦ1mm ,visual angle is more than 90 degrees
Response time Less than 300ms
Power AC220V±10%
Pneumatic pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Alarm sound level >90db
Corresponding distance Less than 200 meters

Installation of host machine and detector

AMP-119D is consist of host machine and spark detector. The host machine is generally installed on the wall, it can be fastened by M8 expansion bolts. It uses the power carrier wave communication between the host machine and the spark detectors. Installing the communication network only needs two wires. It has the characteristics of long distance of signal transmission, easy and reliable structure.

When installing, open a Φ22mm hole in the cotton conveying pipe (hole requirements round, smooth without burrs), make the detecting window of the detector face to the hole. Because of the detector with strong magnet, it can be adsorbed on the metal pipe.