AMP-119AII type spark diverter is mainly used for fireproofing of blowing and carding system in spinning mills. It is installed on the duct of pneumatic transport systems for materials like fibers or tuft. It effectively detects sparks, mixed or generated in the production process so that ensure the safety of blowing-carding production line in spinning mills or other fiber processing production lines.

AMP-119AII type spark diverter is used widely in the blowing and carding system. This machine is usually installed on the duct between the cotton transferring fan and carding or in no fire area before the multi-bin mixer.

AMP-119AII installed on the blowing and carding system.

Double detector structure, all-dimensional visual angle There is one spark detector in the front of the control box and another at the back to ensure the detection covers all the dimensions.

Highly sensitive spark exploration With new technical spark detector, highly sensitive, tiny spark flowing in high speed in fiber can be detected.

Highly efficient detection The AMP-119AII diverter will alarm immediately with sound and light when it detects the sparks or embers, at the same time it can switch on the fire eliminating valve and stop the associated equipments automatically. Then discharge the cotton flow with fire into the fire extinguishing box.

Technical data

Spark Sensitivity Bigger thanΦ0.5mm spark
Response Time ≤200ms
Power supply AC220V±10%
Power Static state<30W,Alarming state<100W
Pressure range 0.6~0.8MPa
Sound level of alarm >90db
Temperature ﹣10℃-40℃
Relative humidity (20-75)%RH

Illustration of AMP-119AII installation equipped with A010 diverter

Illustration of AMP-119AII installation equipped with A020 diverter