AMP-1000 metal diverter

AMP-1000 metal diverter is generally used for cotton textile factory in spinning procedure, and can be directly installed on the conveying pipe. It can automatically detect and divert the metal particles, which mixed in the cotton flow. It is very important equipment which can ensure the safety of textile enterprises in the blowing-carding product lines and other fiber production lines. It had been improvement designed in 2014, the sensitivity is higher and the ability of anti- electromagnetic wave is stronger.

 AMP-1000 be installed in the blowing-carding line

The principle of metal detection

The cotton often contain short iron wire, screws, washers and other metal particles, when the metal particles which mixed in the fiber go through the detection area of the metal diverter, the detector will send the signal to the diverter. Then the diverter will divert the cotton flow which contains metal particles to the collector box, to prevent the metal particles from entering to the next procedure, or the metal particle may destroy the machinery equipment and cause the fire emergency.

New design of 2014

The new design control box of AMP-1000 can be installed on the metal detector or directly installed on the wall. The new design make the device have much higher sensitivity and stronger immunity ability.

AMP-1000 standard installationfor positive and negative procedure


Metal sensitivity Can detect the steel   ball larger than Φ3mm
Response time Less than 200ms
power AC220V±10%
Pneumatic pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Alarm sound level >90db
Environment   requirement temperature:﹣10℃-40℃;

relative humidity:(20-75)%RH